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  • OCPP 1.6J Charger Requirements V1.1 June 2021

    At we want to offer everyone cheaper, greener, simpler electric vehicle charging. Part of the way in which we achieve this goal is by integrating chargers from manufacturers like yourself into the platform. Typically a charger connects to our platform over the internet. Our pl...
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  • The future of electric cars

    We are all aware of the damaging pollution that’s created by driving petrol and diesel vehicles. Many of the world’s cities are clogged with traffic, creating fumes containing gases such as nitrogen oxides. The solution for a cleaner, greener future could be electric vehicles. But how optimistic ...
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  • UK on track to reach 4,000 zero emission bus pledge with £200 million boost

    Millions of people across the country will be able to make greener, cleaner journeys as almost 1,000 green buses are rolled out with the backing of nearly £200 million in government funding. Twelve areas in England, from Greater Manchester to Portsmouth, will receive grants from the multimillion-...
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