Electric Vehicle Charger Presentation


Working status indicator


Working status indicator


2. Green

3. Red

It indicates the working status and whether there is a fault through the long light and flashing of different colors.

number Status Blue Green Red
1 Power Off OFF OFF OFF
2 self-Test Flashing Flashing Flashing
3 Standby ON OFF OFF
4 Waiting chargiing Flashing OFF OFF
5 charging OFF On OFF
7 Over temperature OFF OFF ON
8 Leakage OFF OFF Three fast flashes, one slow flash
9 Over current OFF OFF Two fast flashes, one slow flash
10 Ground Error OFF OFF Seven fast flashes, one slow flash
11 Power supply over voltage OFF OFF Four fast flashes, one slow flash
12 Power supply undervoltage OFF OFF Three fast flashes, two slow flashes
13 Adhesion OFF OFF Six fast flashes, two slow flashes
14 Other faults OFF OFF One fast flashes, two slow flashes

Product Dimention


Production functions

1. Safety detection integration

 Over current  protection

Over voltage protection

Leakage protection,

Adhesion detection,

Ground detection,

Over temperature protection, etc.



Post time: May-09-2024
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