EV charger group install solution


Many EV charger projects are limited by the current of the site and cannot provide energy to enough charging piles.

We have launched a plan for this after research and development.




“000” is the main pile of the pile group and has the function of controlling the local pile group. The other piles are auxiliary piles. The main pile monitors whether the current exceeds the limit value (50A), and the main pile controls the charging current of the subsequent slave piles.

However, according to the standard, the minimum operating current of each pile must be controlled above 6A, so the maximum layout is 8 piles.


The 485 interface A on each PCB is connected to the A main line, and B is connected to the B main line.

In order to avoid signal interference, a 120 ohm resistor is connected in parallel at the 485 interface of the main pile and the farthest pile. The main pile is connected to a CT magnetic ring to detect the main line current, and at the same time distribute the current to each pile according to the received current of all piles.

Set the main pile and slave pile through the instructions on the APP, and set the allowable limit current.




Post time: May-11-2024
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